Basic principles and the Safety Code’, given by Clive Pendry Wednesday 17 May 8-9pm at the Clubhouse. All members should make an effort to attend. Clive will aim to go through the main principles of safety at the club and will outline what information is available to members on the club website.

  • Maintenance and repair day

    Many thanks for all your efforts to make the Maintenance & Repair day a success!
    A special thank you to Bill and Will for showing us how to do minor repairs and for all those willing to learn.
    Also to Sue JJ who tireless kept us fuelled with food and drink and Kate who bought the supplies :)

    We achieved a lot!
    The boat bays, erg room, club room and kitchen are looking super clean and tidy, the new sculling blades have all been sanded and painted with undercoat, the following boats have been given a deep clean and small repairs attended to:

  • Safety communications

    During an event the club will establish a localised safety radio network consisting of VHF radios.
    Details of channels, callsigns and instruction on radio usage will be provided for each event but the following is helpful generic advice for novice radio users.

    The radiocheck

    A: "Hello B this is A radio check over"
    B: "B. Ok over"
    A "A. Ok out"

    Negative radiocheck

    A: "Hello B this is A radio check over"
    A: "Hello B this is A radio check over"
    A: "Hello B this is A radio check over"
    A "A. Nothing heard out"

  • Safety announcement

    A serious incident occurred in which a sculler was involved in a collision with a narrow boat on the canal. Both boats were travelling down the centre of the canal and neither was aware of the other boat until it was too late. The boats collided, the single was immediately destroyed and the sculler was dragged under water for approximately 30 seconds before being able to surface. We are incredibly fortunate that no major injuries were sustained. This incident could easily have been fatal.

    It is of the utmost importance that all rowers take great care when they are out on the canal. Standards of watermanship have been on the decline recently from rowers and pleasure craft drivers. We cannot be putting ourselves at risk through disobeying the navigation rules of the canal.