06 Nov 2010
Posted by Beth Rodford

In the past 20 hours lots of people have asked me "how does it feel to be World Champion?" Well, it feels amazing! I don't think it's really sunk in yet.

We raced in far from ideal conditions with the wind changing direction more often than not. The warm up area was incredibly washy and armed with a few sponges and half a water bottle we set about bailing out before the start. It was a day of whoever could deal with the conditions the best would do well and with Debbie getting soaked in the bows we started. The first few strokes were just a case of getting the blades out cleanly and not getting caught in. We got no where near the high rates that we'd usually see off a start and were very quickly down onto rate and then below what we would normally race at. There was no question that this was not a race for trying to get rate, but more a case of using our power through the water. For those of you that watched the race, that is exactly what we did and this allowed us to row through the Ukraine and hold off the field.

I'm very proud of how we raced. It was calm and controlled. We went out to race with no pressure and nothing to prove, just to see what we could do after only 6 weeks and I think we showed that we've come along way.

I've really enjoyed this season. It's had it's moments but I've learnt so much from racing in the past 6 months in two very experienced crews.

Now it's time for enjoying the moment. With two more days of finals to go we've got lots of racing to watch and hopefully more medals to celebrate.
Thank you to everyone for your support.

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